5 Questions to Ask a Plastics or Packaging Employer During Your Interview

We’ve all been there. We’ve made it through initial phone calls and landed an interview with what we think is the employer of our dreams. Then it happens. The interviewer wraps up her questioning and asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”

For a moment we silently berate ourselves for forgetting to prepare these questions, even though we’ve thought of many during the process leading up to this moment. Our minds go blank and if we’re lucky, we can pull one out of thin air.

Questions for plastics and packaging employers are just as important as those asked of you during an interview. They can give you insight into a company and what is expected of you in the role you are about to take on. Most importantly, they can answer the question, “Am I the right fit?”

Here are five questions to get you started:

1. What are the company’s strongest values and how do you see me contributing? This question can lead to a general understanding of what the company deems important. It’s also an indicator of how your role may impact these values. Are they customer focused? Do they value efficiency? Are you willing and/or able to uphold these values?

2. What are the expectations for this role over the next 30-60-90 days? Get an idea of what the company’s immediate goals are for your position. By asking this question, you gain information on what the company has planned and also if their goals are attainable during that time in relation to your position.

3. Are there areas or aspects of the department or role that could use some sprucing up? It’s important to understand what the company views as a challenge or opportunity for improvement. Are new processes underway or needed? Are they understaffed? Is there an issue that may affect your position directly?

4. Can you describe the company’s culture? This question can potentially make or break your decision to move forward. Have you previously been used to a rigid structure and environment? Are you a people person that performs better when you have a sense of comradery? Is family life important to you?

5. Where do you see the company in five years? Yes, it’s the tried and true question we’ve all asked and probably been asked within this very interview. Regardless, it addresses the level of vision and innovation the company may or may not have. It may also give you some insight on what’s coming around the corner.

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Dennis Gros

Originally from South Louisiana, Dennis founded Gros Executive Recruiters in 1989 and moved operations to middle Tennessee two years later. He is a frequent speaker, author, and editorial contributor for publications and events related to plastics and packaging employment. On weekends you might find him playing piano in a swing band.