5 Steps to Finding Your Next Plastics or Packaging Employee

Finding the best fit for your open position can be challenging. That’s where we come in. See how our Exploration Package can help you streamline your process and free up your time so that you can focus on the candidates, not the minutiae.

1. Solidify your requirements. We’ll help you assess and refine your job requirements to make sure you get the best responses.

2. Expose your job to the right people in the right market. Attracting the right candidates for your position is a lot like attracting the right audience for your product. We use multiple sources, simultaneously, to generate interest among potential candidates:  calling, emailing, advertising, social media. 

3. Simplify your search and screening process. Engage candidates for 30 days with our active search and screening process. We’ll take the heavy lifting and leave you to the hiring decisions.

4. Review your candidates. We rank and organize your candidates and eliminate the bottomless email and resume pit. Results are available through a secure webpage, making it easy for you to access results.

5. Bring on the interviews! What happens after you find the right candidates? We’ll provide you with our Jump Start notes to support your interactions with them through the interview process.

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Dennis Gros

Originally from South Louisiana, Dennis founded Gros Executive Recruiters in 1989 and moved operations to middle Tennessee two years later. He is a frequent speaker, author, and editorial contributor for publications and events related to plastics and packaging employment. On weekends you might find him playing piano in a swing band.