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​Information for employers about our Recruiting Plans and Budget Services

Can I get a lower price for multiple openings?
Take a look at our Engagement tour. We’ll recruit simultaneously on multiple openings, and apply your down payment to whichever job we fill first. Then, you can determine whether you want to continue on the Engagement rate for the next placement.
Which plan is easy on my cash flow?
Incremental is designed to ease your cash flow by matching your payments to the steps of the process. It’s like “pay as you go!”
I need immediate, top priority recruiting service.
Our Retained tour is designed for you. It’s our top priority.
Just give me the names; I’ll coordinate the interviews and offers.
Candidate Discovery, one of our Budget Excursions, provides candidate’s resumes and contact information. You take it from there.
We’re searching for a senior executive, and we want to impress candidates with our professionalism.
Savvy execs usually ask in the first contact, "Have you been Retained for this project?"  If the answer is no, they infer our client is not profitable, not serious or not sophisticated.
What’s the number one reason deals go bad?
Surprises. You didn’t know what the candidate was thinking. We want to anticipate issues before they become surprises. That’s why we call you after each interview on our Retained, Engagement, and Incremental tours.
I want referrals from Gros Executive Recruiters, but I also have other sources.
Choose our Incremental tour, and compare the results of our active recruiting process to your network.  Either way, you win!
This is a confidential search.
Certainly, you can’t advertise the job (unless you think top candidates will apply to a blind ad).  But we can.  Also, we can aggressively contact candidates without exposing your company’s name.  Look at our Retained tour.  And don’t tell anybody—except us.
If a candidate declines or the project stalls, I need your firm to keep working for me.
That’s why you hired us.  You need either our Retained or Engagement plan.
I don’t need to hire anyone now, but I’d like to see resumes.
Come back when you’re serious.  We’re dealing with people’s lives here.
I want a recruiting firm to sell my company’s advantages to the top candidates.
Thank you for recognizing one of the major reasons to choose our firm.  Pick Retained, Engagement or Incremental.
I want to canvass the entire marketplace to be assured I’m hiring from the top of the candidate pool.
Choose the Retained Plan or our Engagement Plan.
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