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 Recruiting Process


​How do we earn our fee? Here's a chart 

  • What is the client's goal? What contributions must the new employee make toward the goal?
  • Explore the job responsibilities and candidate qualifications
  • Evaluate the reasons this job will be attractive to potential employees
  • Camouflage your company's identity, if warranted
  • Consult on salary level and attractiveness of position
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  • Our proprietary database of candidates
  • Other relevant lists from industry sources
  • Advanced internet research
  • Exposure on our internet site
  • Exposure on other sites that link to our site
  • Email campaign
  • Direct telephone contacts
  • Representation at trade show or professional forum
  • Advertising
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Confer with client to confirm the direction of our recruiting plan

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  • Systematically attempt to contact each prospective candidate
  • Enthusiastically present the career opportunity to candidates
  • Fine tune our recruiting target if necessary to generate new candidate leads
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You can review our progress on a secure web page, as well as by telephone and email.
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  • As appropriate:
  • Telephone
  • Video conference via webcam
  • In-person
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  • Moderate initial phone or video interviews
  • Provide our perspective on the candidate's viability
  • Anticipate issues that might cause your candidate to reject an offer
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A representative of our senior staff personally meets with your hiring team.  We can help you discover new reasons to hire your top candidate.  Or, if appropriate, we'll recommend to scratch the roster of candidates and start again.
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  • Interview other candidates? 
  • Make an offer?
  • Confer with client and candidate on terms of offer
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Report the results of up to three of the candidate's professional references. Also, we can coordinate background checks through an outside service.
* We strive to present a meaningful picture of the candidate through the eyes of his/her references. However, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the reference’s observations!
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Counsel your future employee on resigning from his current employer.  Confirm the start of employment.  Follow up after the new employee is on the job.
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Failure to perform one or more of these steps does not constitute breach of contract on our part.