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We had a critical need to fill a regional sales position.  It was an important hire for us, and the candidates that we were seeking needed to have experience in our industry, and a strong business development track record.  Dennis and his team understood the requirements of the position.  He brought us a number of good candidates, and gave us an opportunity to select the person that we feel will be very successful in the role.  He hit the ground running, and has done a very good job starting to bring in new opportunities for the company.  Gros worked closely with us every step of the way, and we are very pleased with the process and results. 
Frank Wolfinger, Vice President, First Choice Packaging
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We’d lost someone and I had to replace him. I was doing that job and my job, so I had to get someone who could really help me and make this search run without a lot of effort. Gros did a real good job. They were able to present us with a number of highly qualified candidates. They helped us in terms of doing references and making sure the candidates were qualified. There were actually two candidates who were really good. We hired one of the two and he’s fantastic. Really hit the ground running, and has a lot of knowledge of the industry, and has a lot of ability. He’s doing a great job.
Rick Gill, President, Polyfab Corp.
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Gros sent me an email.  An email search for plant managers. I had information that the company I was working for, they were getting ready to sell the company.  And they did.  Dennis Gros happened to be in the area and he called me and asked if he could stop by on his way through.  So he actually stopped by my home and we sat down for about an hour and talked.  He filled me on the position, and we did an interview before the interview.  He was very cordial and very upfront and honest about the position and it worked out well.  So it was a good experience with Gros.
Kent Kuecherer, Polyfab Corp.
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You know I just started kind of checking around about a year ago for some jobs. With Gros Recruiters the efficiency is there. It's not about time or it's not about speed.  It's more about the quality. Dennis is very professional, he knows the industry. He has a good ability to identify with the people himself and what they are looking for and he does a really good job with that. I would recommend Gros Recruiters and working with Dennis 100% to anybody I know that’s in my field in plastics or packaging.
Chuck Hays, Southeast Sales Manager, First Choice Packaging
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