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Avoiding the obvious?

Our firm co-sponsors the two most highly regarded compensation surveys in our industry: The Institute of Packaging Professionals annual survey, and The Society of Plastics Engineers salary and trends survey We’ve noticed a significant tracking statistic that isn’t included in the survey analysis.  But maybe it should be.  The number of participants is down, sharply.  In round numbers, here’s a tally of the number of professionals who volunteered their compensation information for each study: peaklow%loPP2634 (in 2010) 1950 (in 2011)-26%SPE3218... more

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How long is too long?

True story of a missed opportunity.  Here’s the timeline. Start: company vice president engages our firm to recruit a salesperson. Month 1: After discussing this opportunity with a number of prospects, two leading candidates emerge. VP interviews both by telephone. Month 2: VP requests reference checks of both job seekers before proceeding.  Schedules finally coincide for the VP and both leading candidates to interview in person at the plant. Month 3: VP requests both candidates to attend anther interview at... more

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