Hiring? It’s not simple!


Hiring companies can advertise their positions on GrosRecruiters.com at no charge.  But hiring a new employee is rarely simple. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

The most important aspect of a successful job campaign is appeal. Your goal is to encourage qualified candidates to rank your company first on their list.  Here’s how to plan for a productive  advertising campaign and hire on http://grosrecruiters.com/jobs/add/

If your script leans toward job requirements, your readers will exclude themselves before they apply!  Instead, present a case that persuades job seekers to apply to your company.

  • Rather than posting your internal job description, write from the jobseeker’s point of view.
  • Emphasize opportunity for growth and professional achievement. Certainly you’ll need to mention the main qualifications, but the term must-have repels jobseekers because it implies rejection.

Whenever a jobseeker applies, what are you likely to see? A RESUME! Hooray!

Before celebrating, take a breath. Remember, you’re not looking for resumes…you’re looking for people! You can’t hire a resume, so try to look beyond the application and envision the human being who wrote it. Convert the data to personal communication as soon as possible. Call your applicants on the phone. The word “interview” is too stiff. Just talk.

Be sure everyone on the interview team portrays a consistent picture of the open position. In one of our recent situations, the hiring managers vacillated on whether the new salesperson could work from home, or whether he must move to the headquarters city. You can imagine the shock when they made an offer based on the requirement to relocate.

You might decide to hire the first person who responds, but your best decision will be based on a comparison of several candidates. Rate your candidates on a combination of qualifications and personal chemistry. Are you energized by the prospect of working with this new employee?

Before you deliver an offer, be certain your candidate will accept it. How can that happen?

  • Discuss the candidate’s realistic financial expectations
  • Specifically describe the terms of your offer before you present a formal document
  • Ask the candidate, “If we were to make this offer to you, would you accept it?”

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Dennis Gros

Originally from South Louisiana, Dennis founded Gros Executive Recruiters in 1989 and moved operations to middle Tennessee two years later. He is a frequent speaker, author, and editorial contributor for publications and events related to plastics and packaging employment. On weekends you might find him playing piano in a swing band.