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  • Plastics Director of Technologies

    My broad experience in plastics includes vital knowledge of operations, development, design and product quality — focused largely on film - sheet, foaming and recycling...

    Plastics Machinery Administrative Engineering Film - Sheet Foaming Recycling Other
  • Packaging Vice President of Sales and Marketing

    I have experience in building and leading sales teams resulting in significant year over year growth and improved bottom line profitability throughout my career in film - sheet, injection molding and recycling...

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Blow molding Film - Sheet Injection molding Recycling Thermoform packaging
  • Packaging Midwest Regional Sales Manager

    I possess over 10 years specializing in the corrugated polypropylene industry. Upon promotion to a sales management role...

    Packaging Plastics Administrative Converting Corrugated box
  • Machinery President

    I increased net profit for my business unit by $2.5M during a time in which our market price fell 40% and during which we replaced a significant portion of our capital intense infrastructure...

    Machinery Administrative Product Development Supply Chain Other
  • Packaging Director of Marketing & Business Development

    Recently, I integrated an extrusion tubing business into a packaging business, sold a plant on 90 days without any loss of business or staff, and championed new products into the market space for dairy.

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Converting Film - Sheet Thermoform packaging Other
  • Plastics Operations Manager

    I am a manufacturing operations professional, skilled at leading high-producing teams and implementing lean manufacturing tools to...

    Plastics Administrative Blow molding Injection molding
  • Plastics CIO

    I am currently employed as CIO in Private Equity with 27+ years of experience, but I'm looking for career opportunities within a global company...

    Plastics CxO Film - Sheet Injection molding
  • Packaging and Plastics Sales and Marketing Manager

    15 years into my career in packaging, I've launched a brand new product line with no existing sales and in 4 years was able to surpass $20M in sales.

    Packaging Plastics Administrative Converting Film - Sheet Labels Paper Thermoform packaging
  • Packaging Senior Purchasing Manager

    My background includes mechanical / civil design and project experience, plant maintenance, field engineering for capital projects and 25+ years in procurement.

    Supply Chain Other
  • Plastics Senior Process Specialist

    I am looking for a leadership role in which I can continue to help redefine production processes to reach new revenue goals...

    Plastics Production Blow molding
  • Plastics Sales Manager

    I am a highly motivated sales professional with 17 years’ experience in technical sales, focused recently on increasing highly profitable microorganism control and specialty chemicals sales.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Other
  • Plastics Director of Business Development

    I'm an accomplishment-driven, innovative, self-motivated, goal-orientated leader who knows how to...

    Plastics CxO Engineering Sales Marketing Injection molding Tooling - Molds
  • Packaging Director of Sales and Marketing

    I am a commercial business professional interested in developing a sales and marketing leadership role for a company participating in packaging and/or plastics...

    Packaging Plastics CxO Sales Marketing Blow Molding - Industrial Blow Molding - Packaging Injection molding Services Other
  • Packaging Commercial Director

    My background is in packaging solutions to national accounts working with corporate, engineering and production roles, with an emphasis in converting, filling, injection molding and recycling...

    Packaging Sales Marketing Converting Filling Injection molding Recycling
  • Plastics Account Manager

    I have over 20 years of experience with identifying new OEM business as well as organic growth in key accounts...

    Plastics Sales Marketing Injection molding
  • Packaging District Sales Manager

    I led the successful launch of vinyl extruded outdoor railing and decking product lines for three major United States plastic manufacturers...

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Film - Sheet Injection molding Pipe - Profile extrusion
  • Plastics Head of Sales, North America

    My experience in leading and developing high performance teams, identifying and implementing both internal and external strategic partnerships...

    Plastics Sales Marketing Compounding Resin - Additives
  • Packaging Supply Chain Director

    I developed and implemented estimating, order entry, installation and production tracking, and invoicing processes for a startup...

    Packaging Supply Chain Converting
  • Plastics Director of North American Sales

    I have a proven track record of exceeding sales goals, increasing market share and successfully bringing new brands to competitive markets...

    Plastics Machinery Human Resources Sales Marketing Film - Sheet Other
  • Plastics Product Development

    I was awarded Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers for packaging innovations and streamlining the product realization process...

    Plastics Product Development Compounding Film - Sheet Foaming Injection molding