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  • Executive Leader in Machinery

    Executive Leader Delivering Results looking to head or be part of the executive team for an organization that embraces innovation and operational excellence as a way of meeting the ever changing demands of our customers.

    Machinery Administrative Distributor - Mfg Rep
  • Plastics General Manager

    General Manager in search of an Executive Management position.

    Plastics Machinery Administrative Auxiliary Machinery
  • Plastics Project Engineer

    Project Engineer looking for a product development/ project Engineer position.

    Plastics Engineering Product Development Injection Molding
  • Seasoned Plastics & Packaging Sales Professional

    Seasoned Sales Professional in search of a Southeast Account Executive position.

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Converting
  • Highly Effective Engineer/Manager/Director

    Highly Effective Engineer/Manager/Director in search of Senior Manager/Director Role in Packaging/Manufacturing/Operation.

    Packaging CxO Packaging Systems
  • Experienced Division Sales Manager

    I am in search of a Division Sales Manager Position.

    Packaging Sales Marketing Fiber
  • Experienced Production Manager

    I am looking for a role as a production Manager for a converting facility which runs operations Laminating, sheeting, slitting, bindery, and adhesives. Also brokering raw materials for resale as is, or after converting to customer specs. I like to liaison with top management to bring a top quality plastic film or part to market. My experience is strong in plastic films for the printing industry. I also feel that working with vendors in an R&D role is key to the success of any company.

    Plastics Production Product Development Converting
  • Recognized expertise and manufacturing/operations leader.

    I'm a recognized expert and manufacturing/operations leader in search of a Director of Manufacturing/Operations position.

    Plastics Production Injection Molding
  • Experienced Lean Manufacturing & Process Engineer

    I am in search of a Manufacturing or Process Engineering position in a lean manufacturing company, or one starting down the Lean Manufacturing transition.

    Plastics Machinery Engineering Production Extrusion - Sheet
  • Project Engineer

    I'm a Project Engineer looking for an operations manager, project engineer, or production manager position.

    Packaging Administrative Film - Blown or Cast
  • Experienced General Manager

    I am seeking a General Manager role with P&L responsibilities over a B2B manufacturing, sales operation manufacturing thermoplastic films, laminates, tapes, converted constructions.

    Plastics Machinery Administrative Film - Blown or Cast
  • Experienced Packaging Engineer

    Experienced Packaging Engineer looking for a new position creating packaging for medical, electronics and consumer goods.

    Packaging Engineering Product Development Thermoform Packaging
  • Plastics Plant Manager

    I have 29 years of experience in the plastic injection molding and extrusion industry...

    Plastics Other Injection Molding
  • Experienced Sales/Marketing Manager

    Plastics Sales Marketing Injection Molding

    Master’s educated chemical/plastics professional with extensive experience providing leadership and guidance to drive the achievement of key research and development goals and objectives.

    Plastics Product Development Resin - Compounding - Additives
  • Technical Sales and Business Development Professional

    Technical Sales and Business Development Professional

    Packaging Plastics Engineering Product Development Sales Marketing Thermoform Packaging
  • Polymer Material Scientist

    I am looking for a new product development role to help a company increase revenue.
    This would include material testing, evaluation, selection, recycling to save manufacturing cost.

    Plastics Product Development Resin - Compounding - Additives
  • Experienced plastics container and packaging sales manager

    Experienced plastics container and packaging sales manager looking for a sales position with a plastic container manufacturer.

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Injection Molding
  • Technical Sales Professional

    Technical Sales Professional in search of a position where I can manage a business; product and sales strategy for capital machinery related to polymer processing equipment.

    Machinery CxO Film - Blown or Cast

    SALES & MARKETING EXECUTIVE looking for a new opportunity. My search objectives encompasses a business to business leadership role where I would have the opportunity to contribute to the strategy and revenue goals.

    Plastics Sales Marketing Injection Molding