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  • Packaging Sales Professional

    I am a proven sales professional in packaging with more than 12 years experience in medical, retail and industrial packaging...

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Thermoform Packaging
  • Plastics Business Development & Technical Manager

    I am a business development manager with diverse technical experience in product, process, application and market development related to resin compounding, sheet extrusion and thermoform packaging.

    Plastics Other Extrusion - Sheet
  • Senior Sales Plastics Engineer & Manager

    I am a Senior Sales Plastics Engineer & Manager with hands-on experience woking on plant floors and reporting to upper management...

    Plastics Sales Marketing Blow Molding - Industrial Injection Molding Recycling Resin - Compounding - Additives
  • Plastics Senior Market Development Executive

    I am a senior level executive with more than 15 years experience in strategic planning, customer-focused process design, business development, and product development...

    Packaging Plastics Sales Marketing Extrusion - Sheet
  • Plastics Senior Injection Molding Professional

    I have extensive experience in the Molding Industry with focus on design and development of new technological concepts...

    Plastics Engineering Production Product Development Automation Auxiliary Machinery Injection Molding Tooling - Molds Other
  • Experienced Plastics Sales Professional

    With more than 20 years experience, I am a sales professional with a strong track record of managing successful global sales teams...

    Plastics Sales Marketing Injection Molding
  • North American Sales Manager

    Your packaging sales shouldn’t be a game of Chutes and Ladders. Here is a sales manager who stops negative slides...

    Packaging Sales Marketing Film - Blown or Cast
  • Plastics Operations Executive

    Record-setting productivity and performance. Those are the results you’ll see when you onboard me as your new VP of Operations...

    Packaging Plastics CxO Extrusion - Sheet
  • Plastics Plant Manager

    I am a highly qualified, results-driven chemical professional with experience ranging from engineer to production manager in the specialty chemical and plastics industries...

    Plastics Production Other
  • Plastics C-Level Executive

    I have spent 15 years proprietary and contract molding sectors. My teams and I have grown businesses a minimum of double and one as much as tenfold…

    Plastics Other Injection Molding Services Other
  • Packaging Business Development Leader

    I have managed many large food companies to whom I sold rigid packaging and active packaging technologies...

    Packaging Sales Marketing Blow Molding - Industrial Blow Molding - Packaging
  • Plastics Sales Professional

    With more than 16 years experience, I have vast knowledge of the plastics industry from machinery to polymers...

    Plastics Machinery Sales Marketing Blow Molding - Packaging Distributer - Mfg Rep Tooling - Molds
  • Plastics & Thermoplastics Account Manager

    I have more than 20 years experience in thermoplastic resins and fibers and additives for thermoplastic processing...

    Plastics Sales Marketing Blow Molding - Packaging Distributer - Mfg Rep Thermoform Packaging