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Plastics Inside Sales Manager

Plastics Inside Sales Manager looking to continue my career in plastics by working either for another manufacturer or a large distributor/fabricator.

I have a keen understanding of sales strategies and value added services that work equally well within traditional distribution networks or working directly with OEM customers in both large and small scale operations. These sales skills are accented by my military experience, which gives me a motivated, disciplined edge. I would very much like to help a company grow by putting all of these skills to work serving as wide of a customer base as possible.

I am a quick study and am very comfortable putting the critical thinking skills I attained as a military police officer to work identifying and satisfying the individual needs of different customers in what is a very crowded marketplace. I do not believe in a "one size fits all approach" and prefer to provide customized solutions to customers with plastics projects to increase satisfaction and the value of the service.

Career highlights include:

1. I designed, coded, opened and single- handedly operated a plastics e-commerce platform that showed more than 100% salesgrowth from year 1 to year 2.

2. I organized and led an entirely new sales department, expanding inside sales participation by 3 times and increasing net profit by 13%.

3. I successfully oversaw the design and implementation of a major website and passive marketing realignment and upgrade project. The online tools I brought into work increase audience capture, market presence and overall conversion while coming in under budget and ahead of initial deadlines.

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September 11, 2017
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Sales Marketing
Distributor - Mfg Rep

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