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Proven Materials Development Engineer and Project Manager

Proven Materials Development Engineer and Project Manager looking for a Director Product Development or Director of Product Research or Director of Process Engineering or similar position.

I have decades of experience in developing materials and their manufacturing processes and in leading teams to scale those from the bench to pilot to full scale mass production. In my present and most recent roll ( a one year stint in Product Marketing) I have been pointing out how emerging technologies can be coupled to mean emerging and latent market needs; I'm leading and developing teams to bring novel technologies to market.

Career highlights include:

1) Overseeing the startup of six bonded magnet injection molding, two high volume polyurethane casting and one polyurethane finishing and assembly lines over a 30 month window to support a major factory start-up; training two new engineers to take over the daily line support.

2) Developing and scaling a UL recognized FR-HIPS resin based on a 100% post-consumer resin resin, placing it to mass production with downstream products. This enable US factory production to discontinue all virgin FR-HIPS use (millions of pounds annually) and use only post consumer recycle FR-HIPS. It also enabled resin export (sales) to Asia and and was the bases for a major factory expansion (that scaled this process even further and added additional related processes)

3) Guiding executives at my location to reevaluate risks to enable novel initiatives in collaborative innovation with start up companies, universities, government labs and other outside stakeholders.

Open to relocation to the South, East coast (VA south), central, plains, gulf coast all OK. No west coast or north east.

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April 3, 2018
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