Salary Survey 2017 Coming Soon!

Standby for Our Annual Plastics Salary Survey

Every year we host a survey alongside the Society of Plastics Engineers. We poll all levels of plastics professionals about their salaries and job satisfaction. And in doing so, we’re able to create and share a benchmark for salaries, job satisfaction and industry trends among various demographics and job titles.

Here’s how it works:

Simply complete the salary once it’s live to gain access to the results once the survey is complete.

Last year, we received surveys from nearly 1,300 individuals, which led to some intriguing intel. Check out a brief snapshot of the 2016 survey results here, and standby for more info on our 2017 salary survey in the coming weeks!

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Dennis Gros

Originally from South Louisiana, Dennis founded Gros Executive Recruiters in 1989 and moved operations to middle Tennessee two years later. He is a frequent speaker, author, and editorial contributor for publications and events related to plastics and packaging employment. On weekends you might find him playing piano in a swing band.