I trust Dennis and his firm.  They know the plastics industry, and its players, inside-out.  My first call is to Gros.

Bill Carteaux, President, Society of the Plastics Industry

If you are in Plastics and Packaging, check out Gros Executive Recruiters. We successfully worked together to secure a Sales position in the plastics industry for myself (years ago).  I strongly recommend this recruiter, not only because of my success but because of the integrity of this company.

Tom Sullivan,

I just wanted to send you a little positive feedback.  We did find and hire a filled PP resin salesman from the candidates you provided.  Thanks.

Mike DeMatto, COO, CTC Plastics

You know I just started kind of checking around about a year ago for some jobs.  with Gros Recruiters, the efficiency is there.  It’s not about time or it’s not about speed.  It’s more about the quality.  Dennis is very professional, he knows the industry.  he has a good ability to identify with the people himself and what they are looking for and he does a really good job with that.  I would recommend Gros Recruiters and working with Dennis 100% to anybody I know that’s in my field in plastics or packaging.

Chuck Hays, Southeast Sales Manager, First Choice Packaging

re: Sales of plastic components to medical device industry…

Thanks for all your help and support during our quest to fill this position!


Cheri Conyers, Director, Human Resources, Infinity Molding & Assembly

Everyone is thrilled all around.  Overall, I was very, very happy with the entire process and your [Dennis’] help and support and Sarah’s as well.

Monica Coughlin, Corporate Human Resources Manager, The Moore Company

They understand their business. they can adapt… They explained to me, being European, how the market was and how we could apply our strategy.  For me, it was a good thing to work with them.  Very, very happy to work with them.

Bart Loncke, Human Resources Manager, Vitalo Group

Gros Recruiters’ knowledge of the industry quickly led our company to the right person.

Matt Drugge, President, Minelco