I found them through doing a Google search for firms that might specialize in packaging.  Dennis in particular is who I dealt with initially and who worked on us through it throughout the whole talent search.  What really impressed me initially was his challenge to us, as to what we were looking for.  It was very easy.  We were on a bit of a time crunch, we were trying to keep things moving along at a fairly good clip, and they were looking at that.  they really helped us, helped us get to where we needed to be.  I would strongly recommend them.

Ken Saeckl, COO, Gunther Mele Limited

The advantage of Gros Executive Recruiters was that they uncovered more candidates that closely matched our needs.

Randy Herman, President Advanced Technology, Bemis Manufacturing

I really appreciated Dennis’ response.  I caught him cold at a conference.  I was impressed with how he was able to change gears and take some information from me and listen to what I was saying.  Dennis had a relationship with this client so that was very beneficial for me.  Gros Executive Recruiters was on target for trying to have a win-win solution for both the client and for me.

Mark Barton, Director of Manufacturing, Mytex Polymers

They understand their business. they can adapt… They explained to me, being European, how the market was and how we could apply our strategy.  For me, it was a good thing to work with them.  Very, very happy to work with them.

Bart Loncke, Human Resources Manager, Vitalo Group

Gros Recruiters’ knowledge of the industry quickly led our company to the right person.

Matt Drugge, President, Minelco

Dear Sarah,

It has been a great experience working with you, your professionalism shown through at every step of the process.  I know that people in your profession are kept busy everyday by applicants looking for positions, through all that, you were always willing to talk and email promptly making the anxiety of “job hunting” greatly reduced.

Jack W. Smylie, National Sales Manager, Meese Orbitron Dunne

They were very flexible, dug really deep, looked for the right people who matched our profiles, got back to us when they needed some clarification and really just were interested in finding out what it was that we needed.  So I would definitely recommend them to other companies.

Elizabeth Smith, Recruitment Research Analyst, Avery Dennison